The Story Of The Time I Turned Down An Internship At Diddy’s Office

In the midst of P Diddy being in some serious (for the average person) shit, I can’t help but reminisce on the times him and I never actually spent together.  Sean and Eric.  Puff and Hamm.  P Diddy and E Diddy.  Makes me really wonder what could have been and what should have been.  Here’s how it all went down.

I ventured into the city the summer before my senior year of college for an interview with the Blue Flame Agency, a marketing subsidiary of Bad Boy Entertainment, founded by Sean “Puffy” Combs himself.  I met with his Senior Executive Assistant, aka the woman who knows everything about his life.  She told me she knew his alarm/garage codes, his kids’ teachers, birthdays, likes/dislikes, etc.  She booked reservations for him, bought his kids gifts, she did it all.  She was one of those super smart but also super hood chicks.  I mean, who else could handle all of Puff’s affairs?  Diddy couldn’t operate without her.  I sat at her desk, adjacent from his personal office.  He wasn’t in that day, unfortunately, but I was three feet away from the room where he sits and makes millions.  The door was open.  I could see his carpet, his desk, his chair, all of it.  It was magical.  You knew a real boss made big moves in that room.

The story really isn’t all that wild.  I interviewed for an internship and I didn’t hear back until I was already in the swing of my classes.  By the time I was offered the position, it wouldn’t have been easy to make it work.  Commuting to the city 3 days a week for an unpaid internship whilst balancing a full course load just wasn’t the best move at the time.  WHAT AN IDIOT.  Dumbest mistake of my life.  But I am left with a decent/depressing story, so that’s unique.  How many people do you know who have turned down an internship in P Diddy’s office?  Exactly.

It also doesn’t help that I sit on my couch all day when I could be sitting on Diddy’s couch.  Damn it I could have been a BAD BOY.



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