What Is The Deal With Alex Rodriguez’s Earlobe?

What is up with that earlobe?  That could be the single grossest thing I’ve ever seen.  No earlobe is supposed to move like that.  I’ve seen some curiously detached earlobes before, but Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez is most likely an alien.  There’s no other way to put it.  Just dangling in the wind.  I want to puke all over myself because that is GROSS.  How does that happen?  Could it be weather related?  It was a disgusting sticky night on Friday so maybe there’s some sort of weird correlation there.  That’s a stretch, I’m just trying to make sense of this.  But there is no way to logically explain this.  This earlobe embodies all that is inexplicable.  A-Rod has the grossest earlobe on planet Earth.

I actually like A-Rod, now more than ever probably.  Yankees fans who turned their back on him aren’t real fans.  He’s hilarious.  I don’t really care for his accomplishments all that much, but you gotta tip your cap to someone who has ignored that magnitude of hate being thrown at him.  It’s also easy for me to get behind someone that so many Yankees fans dislike.  If you wanna boo someone because they’re not playing well, that’s fine.  But he’s more likable now than he ever was.  Except for that freakish ear deformity malfunction thing he’s got going on.



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