Nationals Fan Struggling With Poncho Is Too Perfect


I will probably eat my words come October, but at this very moment, this sums up the Nats’ season so far, and to a tee, I might add.  Things just haven’t gone right for them yet.  One could say they are currently struggling to put on the proverbial poncho.  But this guy didn’t stand a chance.  Poor guy almost suffocated.  I was ready for him to just rip a hole in it and make his own breathing hole.  It’s bad enough to have tickets for a game on a rainy day.  It’s even worse to have to watch your team lose in the rain.

To be honest I can’t tell you the last time I put on a poncho, but I don’t think it’s that difficult.  I can say that I put on shirts backwards all the time; head through the arm hole, arm through the head slot, it’s a messy business, and it just happens.  The only thing I can equate this to is when you’re trying to open a garbage bag.  You don’t know which side the open side is, and you’re clawing and scratching trying to find the right spot.

Sitting in the rain is such a poor person move.  That’s why they sell beer on the concourses, so you can watch the game under the cover and continue to booze without wearing wet jeans.  Side note, you need to always be in game mode at any sporting event.  You never know when the camera is gonna get you.  Don’t pick your nose, don’t struggle with the poncho, and do not, under any circumstance, sit next to your sister.  The Kiss Cam has no boundaries.

Shouts to Gratz for the video.  Check him out at



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