Today Marks One Year Since The John Brooks Goal For USA Against Ghana


What a moment.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I left work early to watch USA’s opening game at Mr. Dennehy’s in NYC.  If you remember, Clint Dempsey scored 30 seconds into the game.  Ghana scored a late goal to tie, and it seemed like we let one slip away.  Until John Brooks put the team on his back doe!  I think I blacked out when this happened, equal parts alcohol and patriotism.  I do, however, vividly remember people throwing beer everywhere, climbing on top of each other.  It was absolute bedlam at the bar we were at.

Despite it being the opening game of group play, it was and still is a monumental moment for US soccer.  A heroic goal from an unlikely hero brought the country together even if only for a few moments.  It doesn’t come close to Donovan’s goal against Algeria, which will go down as arguably the greatest sports moment of my life, but this was absolutely incredible.  Now it’s time for the women to carry the torch.  No reason that we shouldn’t hoist the trophy in a few weeks, the only ones who can beat us are ourselves.  Any other countries have a goalie who got arrested for domestic abuse?  I didn’t think so.

Let’s fucking go right now!



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