An Important Message To Anyone Who Posts And/Or Complains About TV Spoilers

There will be NO spoilers in this post, but I still wouldn’t read this until after you’ve watched the episode because I don’t want anyone yelling at me for saying the wrong thing.  Consider this your last chance to close out.  Otherwise, scroll down and let’s jump in.  MUST READ.



(Keep scrolling)




With last night being the season finale of Game of Thrones, it was more than expected that it was going to have some major character/plot developments.  Never has there been a show with less rules or restrictions.  Season five has been somewhat of a disappointment in comparison with past seasons, but the last few weeks have been building up to the final episode.  And once the episode came to an end, Twitter blew up.  For the most part, everyone was saying the same thing in one way or another.  If you didn’t watch the episode (or don’t even watch the show), you could figure out what had happened.

There’s a fine line between deliberately spoiling the episode for others and posting something about the show that reveals critical information.  While both could upset someone who hadn’t seen the episode, there is a grey area.  Personally, I try to not say anything that would give anything specific away.  But not everyone has that same discipline.  Whether you defiantly gave away the ending or simply spoke about on your emotions, the result was essentially the same from an outsider’s perspective.  So just be cognizant of the fact that spoiling is spoiling any way you slice it.  I will never ever forget when a buddy of mine willfully ruined a major moment of Game of Thrones for me and many other of his followers most likely.  It’s a dick move, no doubt.  An unforgivable act of malice, if you ask me, one that can ruin friendships and result in a loss in Twitter followers (and with good reason).



Going on Twitter while one of your shows is on and you’re not watching is just a bad move.  Exposing yourself to the possibility of a spoiler is as dumb as it gets.  ESPECIALLY during a season finale and ESPECIALLY for Game of Thrones, of all shows.  If you willingly go on any social media platform as the finale of your favorite show is airing, you deserve every single spoiler alert.  It’s such a rookie move that it hurts.  It’s the type of thing where once you’re on the receiving end of a spoiler, you’ll make extra efforts to prevent it in the future.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I don’t need to single anybody out because you know who you are.  You have absolutely zero right to complain about people spoiling a show for you.  If you cared that much about it, you wouldn’t have put yourself in a vulnerable position such as casually scrolling down your Twitterfeed.  You have to stay off of Twitter during the episode and, especially, after the episode.  Your eyes shouldn’t look at a single tweet until after you’ve watched the episode yourself.  It’s happened to me before, and it sucks.  But you have to know better.  Playing the “spoiler” role is wrong on all levels.  That’s irresponsible and downright mean.  But if you play in traffic, odds are you’re gonna get hit.  No sympathy from me.




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