Stat Of The Day: 25% Of Japanese Men Are Virgins At Age 30

Inquisitr: For men in Japan, looking for love isn’t easy. A new survey has revealed that a quarter of them are still virgins by their 30s, and the problem has gotten so widespread, there are courses to designed to help them finally have sex. One program is called “Virgin Academia,” and it’s run by a man named Shingo Sakatsume. He helps the “able-bodied” improve their viewpoints on sex, and, most importantly teaches relationship skills.

“Virgin Academia” hasn’t been widely accepted in Japan’s society; its lectures on how to find a partner, and a three-day boot camp that includes intercourse lessons and guarantees to help men lose their virginity, has met with protest online and in the press, and caught the attention of police. It was shut down.

In total, a quarter of married men in Japan are still virgins, so many that they have a special moniker: “yaramiso.” People there don’t have too much nookie to begin with; 50 percent didn’t have sex within the last year, 15 percent within five, Japan Times reported.

God I love reading/writing about the Far East.  They’re so out of touch with how things are supposed to be it’s comical.  What a great stat to take us into the weekend.  Long week at work?  Hey at least you’re not in this pathetic 25%.  Not making enough money at your job?  At least you’re not married and still not banging your girl.  This confuses me though.  I was under the assumption that everyone in Japan just fucks.  There’s so much pixelated porn and weird anime shit that I just figured everyone was getting involved in it.  How does this happen?  How can you allow this to happen to yourself?  At a certain point you need to take matters into your own hands.  You have no game, no luck with the ladies, no good looks, nothing to offer.  Guess what?  That’s what hookers are for!  Put down the video games and make a quick call to get your nut.  You never want to be a statistic.

50 percent of Japanese men haven’t had sex in the last year.  That’s an INSANE number.  Around here if you go out to the bar you can expect some of your buddies to get laid that night.  Imagine going out and knowing that half of you aren’t going to have sex tonight, and tomorrow night, and every night for the next year!  Japan sucks.  15% have gone FIVE YEARS without fucking.  I literally cannot understand how that happens.  If you go out every weekend you’ll fall into some sort of sexual encounter by accident, and in far less than five years.  That means that celebrities legit do not fuck in Japan.  If you’re the best at what you do, someone’s gonna want to fuck you.  Baseball players, sumo wrestlers, video gamers, they should be running through women like it’s no big deal.

When the guy at the sushi place rolls a tight spider roll for me, even I consider getting on my knees for him.


2 thoughts on “Stat Of The Day: 25% Of Japanese Men Are Virgins At Age 30

  1. Who are you to decide how things are supposed to work? So they do things differently? Other cultures aren’t worse than you just because you decide so. i stumbled across this page because i thought the statistic was interesting… Learn about the world around you. Your way isn’t better just cuz you like it.

  2. There are two things seriously wrong with sexuality in America: widespread promiscuity, and destruction of traditional femininity.

    In Japan, only the latter applies. Thus, Japan appears more dysfunctional, but is actually in better condition, than America.

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