Cocky Asian Kid Thinks He Can Toughen Out A Nest Of Fire Ants In His Pants. Spoiler: He Can’t.


Well that went about as well as expected.  Lots of different aspects of this video so I’ll try to hit all points.  The music was incredible.  The perfect match between picture and audio.  After the first four-count of music, you just know it’s about to go down in a big way.  The quick “rip my shirt off with urgency and then look into the camera for a second” was an unbelievable way to make an entrance.  And then he throws it to the side of the road just for added emphasis.  At this point, I LOVE this kid.  You can’t teach attitude and spunk like this kid.  And he could have stopped there without a doubt.  Nope, pants gotta go too.  Does he care how ironic it is that he’s an young Asian man in a speedo?  Not for a second.  That slow motion twirl was so over the top yet so perfect.  I would do the same thing.  If I’m about to let a thousand fire ants run around in my pants, you better damn well believe I’m gonna look AWESOME beforehand.

Picture perfect reaction from this idiot.  You can’t draw it up any better than that.  It looks like they had a contingency plan in case something goes wrong (but what are the chances of that?).  But you can’t really prepare for something like this.  I figured he was gonna take off down the street or stop drop and roll.  I will say that he has some loyal friends because if one of my friends was dumb enough to do something like this there is a less than zero percent chance I’m putting my hands anywhere near the ants/his dick.  Literally no chance.  Obviously this entire event isn’t very intelligent.  But you gotta shave the pubes for a spectacle like this.  The last thing you want is some fire ants getting lost and cozy.  That’s day one stuff.  If you’re not thinking about this ahead of time, you deserve what you got coming to you.  I may be wrong, but at one point I think he started to yell in English.  His pain was so extreme that he learned a new language I think because I swear he was yelling “I need it!  I need it!”

Textbook lack of action from the guy on the scooter and the car who both made a turn right past them.  It’s no different than when you pass by a huge accident on the highway and rather than pulling over to help, you just say “that BLOWS” and continue on your quest to the nearest rest stop to crush some Cinnabon.  The only disparity is that they most likely don’t have Cinnabon in Thailand.


Thanks Mike for the link



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