Of All The Walmart Fights, This One May Be The Best Ever


There are literally videos of Walmart fights making their way to the internet every single day.  But this one is an all-time bout, a man amongst boys.  This has everything you want in a fight and then some.  This one makes all other fights look like picnics at the park.  Fights at Walmart are relatively par for the course, but not ones with women hopping out of their scooter and kids throwing haymakers and shampoo all over the place.  How about that little fucker?  This kid is going to be getting in fights for the rest of his life.  He’s maybe 8 years old here and doesn’t give a FUCK.  Curbstomping the lady on the floor, beating her to a pulp with a shampoo bottle, just a cold-blooded, ruthless dickhead of a child.  Great parenting probably.  “Johnny, punch her in the fucking face!” was one of the greatest mid-fight quotes in the history of great mid-fight quotes.

The people filming are just as trashy as the two illiterates fighting and that stupid little kid.  Rule number one if you’re filming a fight: mind your own business.  Don’t say anything, don’t get involved, just be an observer behind a camera.  Never once has someone yelling “Stop!” ever been effective.  If you’re not prepared to physically break up the fight, keep your mouth shut and enjoy it.  Also, you have absolutely ZERO business to say anything to Johnny.  If Johnny wants to make it a 2 on 1, so be it.  That’s life.  Filming it with the mentality that the two fighting are beneath you is just wrong.  You want to better than that “white trash at its finest”?  Go shop at Target.

How about that broad hopping out of that scooter like it was no big deal?  She was throwing her body around like she was at Old Country Buffet.  If she was prepared to get into an all out brawl in the shampoo aisle of Walmart, there’s no way she actually needed that scooter.  But I gotta tip my cap to her because she definitely caught her opponent off guard.  It really makes you wonder who you can trust nowadays.  I’m trusting nobody.  No more talking shit to poor women in scooters at Walmart.  No more making funny faces and blind guys.  No more cursing in English at my Portuguese cleaning lady.

Least surprising thing of this entire video is that the lady who said Johnny is going to “little boy jail” also said she doesn’t have a phone.  CLASSIC Walmart shopper.  I was waiting for him to jump across the aisle to kick her teeth in (assuming she has teeth).  As soon as he confronted Big Mouth for saying anything she backed off in less than a second.

PS – LOVE the YOLO tshirt on Johnny’s mom.  No better shirt to wear to a Walmart fight.



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