Pregnant Woman Offering Her Baby For Money/Drugs On Craigslist

WSB-TV: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into whether or not an advertisement on Craigslist selling an unborn baby is a hoax. Authorities say they have received more than 100 calls about the ad. In the shocking ad, a woman claims to be pregnant: “6 months pregnant, don’t want it. Willing to trade it for $ or drugs. Guaranteed white, so don’t come at me cheap, serious offers only.”

Just to validate this source, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is in fact a real organization.  I thought this was some kind of satire site with no credibility solely based on the fact that I didn’t think Georgia would have a bureau dedicated to investigation.  But here I stand (sit, obviously) corrected.  I wasn’t about to get sucked into another one of these internet jokes.  Never again.

Gotta hear both sides of the story here.  That could sound kinda messed up, but none of us know the true story or the underlying situations within.  Nonetheless, this is gold.  My main point of advice is for everyone to not attempt to sell babies on Craigslist, but in the event that you do, model your ad after this one.  Time is money nowadays, nobody wants to hear a sob story, just get right to the point.  Don’t want the baby, need money, don’t low ball me.  That’s transparency like you read about.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that “guarantee” isn’t all that much of a guarantee.  Have you ever seen Maury?  All of those girls “guarantee” that the poor shmuck next to her is the father.  And he never is.  Like ever.

PS – Pregnant bellies are disgusting.



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