Giancarlo Stanton Eats KitKats Like A Wild Animal

What a disgusting, savage, disrespectful move.  It’s clear that there’s just a cultural barrier clouding Stanton’s judgement.  British James does the same thing with string cheese (British guy that lives with me).  Just takes a bite out of it like it’s a motherfucking pickle.  The initial reaction would normally be to yell and cause a scene, but my maturity quickly surfaced, and I realized perhaps he didn’t know any better.  But then I remembered that he should know better, so I yelled at him.  And Giancarlo Stanton should know better.  Just because you hit 6,000-foot homeruns doesn’t give you the right to set this country back 300 years.  Our four fathers sacrificed too much to watch Giancarlo Stanton eat KitKats like a straight up psychopath.

Rules are set in place to maintain order.  If we start allowing people to not break off KitKats and not peel string cheese, who knows what’s in store.  Total anarchy in the streets, no laws or regulations, and no respect.  That evil smirk on his face is the most concerning part.  He belongs back in the woods with the animals that raised him because no self respecting human being can condone an act of such disgust.  It’s almost like he knows he’s committing such a barbaric stunt and has no regard for anyone else.  No regard for what’s right and wrong.  I say this is not a simple case of negligence but rather defiance and deliberate disobedience.  Kid thinks since he’s making like a trillion dollars and hitting homeruns out of stadiums that he can do whatever he wants without repercussions.  Not on Dee Gordon’s watch.  And most certainly not on my watch.  Plus, can’t trust a guy who changes his name from Giancarlo to Mike and back to Giancarlo again, total wildcard.

PS – That’s the biggest single bite mark these eyes have ever seen.



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