Woman Gets Skimped On Sprinkles And The Ice Cream Shop Calls The Police. Wait, What?

MLive: It was a sticky situation for one gas station clerk in Mason County’s Branch Township who apparently didn’t add enough sprinkles to ice cream as part of a customer’s order. Kim Cole, Mason County sheriff, said around 8:16 p.m. on Saturday, May 23, a woman, along with a male companion, came into the store and ordered ice cream. When the ice cream was handed to the woman, the transaction took an unexpected turn, Cole said. “The clerk called police because the customer was upset because she didn’t have enough sprinkles,” Cole said. The male with her attempted to calm her down as she screamed at the clerk, Cole said. The female then attempted to hit the male.

Perhaps I just misread the story, but I have yet to identify where there was a problem other than shitty service and sprinkle shortage.  They’re supposed to put the cone on it’s side in the sprinkle bin and roll it around to completely cover the surface of the ice cream.  It’s not exactly a difficult job, and it doesn’t take too much skill I would imagine.  With that said, I don’t know how they operate there.  The sprinkle system could be pouring spoonfuls onto the ice cream, which would make it harder to completely coat the cone.  Maybe it’s a literal sprinkling of the sprinkles like when a chef sprinkles some cheese into their sauce.  But none of that matters.  If a customer wants sprinkles, don’t give them a reason to complain about sprinkles.  Reasonable people could have asked nicely for some more sprinkles.  That’s a popular course of action in a situation like this.  But you know what else is reasonable?  To expect the right amount of sprinkles.  That is a reasonable expectation.

The story would have made a lot more sense if the girl called the police on the ice cream people.  I think if you get too few sprinkles on your ice cream that it warrants a call to the authorities.  I guess she elected to just cause a scene instead, yelling at the workers, fighting her boyfriend who keeps telling her to “calm down, babe”, talking with her hands, the whole nine yards.  I deem her behavior reasonable as well.  Give the right amount of sprinkles and this all could have been awarded.  And the ice cream people probably look so stupid when the cops showed up.  The girl and her boyfriend had already left, so the police will arrive to a calm scene to ask one simple question: “why did you not give her enough sprinkles?”



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