22-Year Old Blogger Makes $15,000 Per Instagram Post And I Subsequently Despise Her

BI: Danielle Bernstein, the personal-style blogger behind We Wore What, recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she can make as much as $15,000 from a single Instagram post. The money comes from brands that want to get their products noticed by the 992,000 people who follow Bernstein on the app. What her followers might not guess is that many of those posts are the result of negotiations with fashion and lifestyle brands who might ask her to not include any competitors’ products in the same shot, or even in any other Instagram posts that week.

Though Bernstein wouldn’t say how much she earns through blogging and sponsored Instagram posts, she did admit that “it’s more than I could have ever imagined [making] as a 22-year-old.” She added, “I fully support myself, and it’s in the mid-six figures. I save; I invest; I’m trying to be smart about it all and learn as I go.”

Nothing like a nice, swift kick in the balls to kill my confidence AM I RIGHT?!  This story infuriates me like you could not even imagine.  There’s really not much difference between her and I, at least there shouldn’t be.  She posts pictures of her wearing a brand’s outfit.  I post pictures of Bacon Egg and Cheese sammies.  She’s promoting the brand.  I’m promoting the restaurant.  So why aren’t delis and cafes and bagel shops alike knocking down my door begging me to come try their food?  Why don’t I have a million followers?  Why aren’t I making $15,000 per Instagram post?  WHY IS THIS GIRL MAKING SIX FIGURES FOR POSTING SELFIES IN THESE BRANDS’ CLOTHING?  These are the troubling questions that keep me up at night.

Let’s call a spade a spade though.  Hot chicks get more love on Instagram.  If I was a hot chick, I would probably do the same thing this broad is doing.  So I get where she’s coming from.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like her.  Because I do not.  In fact, I hate her and everything she stands for.  Call me spiteful, call me whatever you want, but I cannot honestly say this girl deserves this more than I do.  I bust my ass day in and day out trying to get retweets and followers.  It has nothing to do with the mainstream superficial intentions that are so prevalent across social media platforms.  But rather I know my pictures are high quality and my thoughts/tweets are interesting and RELATABLE.  She posted a picture of sunglasses resting on top of her jeans and got over 12,000 likes.  Why would you put sunglasses on your leg?  Fuck outta here with that fugazzi shit.

This makes me want to puke all over myself:

2015-05-28 17.27.06





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