Only Logical Course Of Action When Your Flight Is Overbooked Is To Get Naked At The Terminal

WBTV: A man reportedly stripped naked in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport Wednesday morning after he became angry about a flight being overbooked. Police say he will not be facing charges. According to witnesses, the man was attempting to get on board a US Airways flight to Jamaica early Wednesday morning. 

“I seen some people running and I was wondering what they was running from and people were standing there snickering, so I walked over and [an airport employee] told me the man was angry over the Jamaican flight,” Sherry Ketchie told WBTV. Ketchie says the man sounded very angry and was yelling.

“He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk,” she told WBTV. “He stood there for a moment and then started taking off his clothes.” She says the man didn’t say anything as he was taking his clothes off. The woman says the man was standing in the concourse naked for about an hour.

I’m not really sure how an overbooking is handled by an airline, but SOMEBODY has to get bumped right?  Then at this point I suppose everyone handles a situation like this differently.  And if I’m being completely honest, I think stripping down in complete silence and standing in the terminal is more than rational.  The lady at the desk tells you that you can’t board YOUR flight because THEY overbooked, so what are you supposed to do?  It’s not your fault, and now you get the shit end of the stick.  You can put your tail between your legs and leave without a fight OR you can protest and get butt naked in the middle of the airport.  Gotta tip your cap to this guy, what an outrageous move.  But you have to respect it.  How can you not?  And how does this even happen?  Overbooking a flight literally makes no sense.  X amount of tickets to sell, yet X + 1 people have reservations.  Unacceptable, and quite simply put, it should not happen EVER.

The police did the right thing here.  No charges being filed because that’s the right thing to do.  This guy just got his seat stolen from him due to airline incompetence.  His day is ruined.  And now he’s standing in the airport in front of hundreds of people with no clothes on, by his own admission.  No need to kick a man while he’s down.  Help him collect his things (I’m assuming he put them in a nice. neat pile right in on the desk at the gate because that’s what I would do), find his luggage for him, call him a cab, and send him home.  He’s the big winner here.  He may have gotten shafted in regards to his flight, but he forced everyone to look at his old wrinkly naked body for an HOUR that day.  There’s no coming back from that.

I’m gonna start doing this.  Every time someone does something I don’t like, I’m just gonna take my clothes off and stand there minding my own business until someone gets me what I want.  Fool proof.



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