Grading The Boy Meets World Villains

Perhaps villains isn’t the right word.  Let’s go with antagonists, rather.  Pretty much anyone who has stirred some serious trouble on this show.  Some of them are more well known than others, as some of them played substantial roles in the show at some point, whereas others may have had a single episode dedicated to their character.  So the grading scale will take into account several components.  Number of episodes will not count as that would essentially outweigh any other grading categories.  With that said, the impact on the series as well as the potential impact on the series, had the saga not ended how it did, will have a profound voice in the grading process.  How many characters their presence affected and the threat level put on the main characters will play part in the grade too.


Crazy Luther – Another one episode guy.  To refresh your memory, him and his buddies were up to some shenanigans when Eric an Jack called the cops.  He swears revenge on them, but lets the suffer for a bit as they wait, forcing the two of them to go into hiding.  Meaning they dressed up like girls.  Luther ironically likes Lala (Jack), but when she/he wouldn’t put out for Luther, they got a few pictures of Luther trying to kiss “Jack”, and the power then shifted back to Eric and Jack.  Luther backed off without much effort.  Napolean Complex like you read about.  He’s all talk and not much of a threat without his boys.  Grade: D


Karina – The voice behind the brief hit song “Shallow Boy”.  She started out as a sweet, struggling singer, but Eric tells her she’s crazy, revealing her edginess.  She gets uber famous at Eric’s expense, and it makes him miserable.  Once he realizes he’s unintentionally giving Karina more fodder to make more hits with, he brings back her innocence, which quickly leads to her downfall.  Grade: C-


Eddie Hunter – Shawn’s half brother.  This goes back to an early episode where Cory is filming at the trailer park and sees Eddie and his squad loading up their car with stolen equipment.  Cory ends up in a precarious situation when Eddie and his boys see him with his camera.  They bust his camera and throw him to the ground.  Had Shawn not shown up, this sequence of events could have ended way differently, most likely with Cory getting an all-time ass whooping.  Eddie is a legit bad guy and a big potential threat for Cory, especially with the numbers on his side.  Grade: B


Harley Keiner – Cory’s high school bully.  With Frankie and Joey doing most of his dirty work, he’s a true established leader with a dedicated support system.  He’s in a handful of episodes, but he’s the man responsible for everyone walking on egg shells through the hallways (and I say man because he’s like 30 years old in his high school years).  Cory tries to align with him on day one, which quickly backfires.  His little sister takes a liking to Cory, so he poses an enormous potential threat in that sense.  Cory and Shawn assist Frankie to “woo” his crush, who just happens to be Harley’s chick.  Again, another potential perilous situation.  Though he never physically harms Cory, or pretty much anyone for that matter, he instills a constant fear in Cory and many other students.  That power can’t go unnoticed.  He also calls Cory “Johnny Baboon” which is comically demeaning.  Grade: B+


Millie – Aka “Ushkar, Queen of Malevolance, Daughter of Evil”, played by DJ Tanner.  She seduces Jack for the sole purpose of using his and Eric’s balcony to basically talk to Satan.  Her ultimate plan is to sacrifice Jack in trade for immortality.  Her quest is eventually foiled, but she could have literally killed Jack and Shawn had it not been for Eric’s heroics.  She used her sex appeal to lure Jack in, only to use it against him.  Diabolical.  Grade: A-


Mr. Mack – What a dick this guy is.  Only in one episode, he caused quite the commotion.  Shawn was coerced into coming to the Centre, but it wasn’t until Mr. Mack brainwashed and manipulated him that he wanted to stay.  Not long after, Shawn got weird, weirder than usual.  Feeny reveals he hated this guy for years, and anyone who Feeny doesn’t like, I don’t like.  He wouldn’t even let Eric stay at the Centre despite his quest for free hugs; what an asshole.  And when Mr. Turner was in the hospital, this Mr. Mack character tried getting Shawn to leave to come with him.  Cory’s dad pushed him against the wall, threatened him, and almost kicked his ass, one of the most exciting moments in the entire series.  No joke it gave me a crazy adrenaline rush, a real “jump out of your seat” moment.  A major turning point in the show for Shawn and Mr. Turner’s relationship, almost spoiled by Mr. Mack.  FUCK that guy.  Grade: A-


Stuart – Ahh good old Stuart.  The infamous Stuart.  The notorious Stuart.  He is single handedly responsible for quite possibly the biggest mess in the entire series.  In short, he, a professor, hit on Topanga in her dorm room, Cory confronts him, Cory pushes him (gasp!) and almost gets kicked out of college.  He used his intimate relationship with students to his advantage, to take advantage of Topanga, sweet sweet Topanga.  He crossed the line with her, and his decisions almost ruined Cory’s life.  Those actions are unforgivable.  Grade: A+

Honorable Mention:

Mr. Feeny – Although he does create immense trouble for Corey, Shawn, and many other students throughout the seven seasons, his garden metaphors and overall life lessons intensely outweigh any problems he has created.  Feeny is just a good guy who is sometimes misunderstood.

Frankie and Joey, aka Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown (props to you if you understand this reference), were omitted from the above list as they are, and admittedly so, just lackeys.  Despite earning nicknames of Frankie the Enforcer and Joey the Rat, very rarely did they themselves show signs of a true antagonist without the influence/support from a leader.  They literally had no motivation to bully anyone when they had to fiend for themselves.  Schemers yes, villains no.  Great characters, by the way.  Joey the Rat is EASILY a top 5 character in the show in my book.

Thanks to all who contributed to this mini project in any way.



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