Is There Anyone Cooler Than Steve Harvey?

This guy continues to be the man day in and day out. I can’t believe he hasn’t been hosting Family Fued forever.  Nobody else has come CLOSE to this guy.  He’s absolutely hilarious, and Wednesday night was no different.  The Hammers sit down for dinner with Steve Harvey and Family Feud, as we do every night.  We used to do Jeopardy but Steve has recently stolen our attention, and we haven’t looked back.  Question was: name a word that describes the way you like your candy and your man. I knew right away this was gonna be hilarious.  Right away, I knew Chocolate was going to be an answer.  I just knew it.  And I knew Steve Harvey was going to absolutely LOVE that answer.

I could not believe nobody said Chocolate as an answer.  We had to wait until they revealed all of the answers at the end.  But his reaction was still incredible.  I wanted an A+ reaction, and I got an A+ reaction.  I’m not sure if he knows the answers ahead of time or not, but I truly believe his antics and animations are authentic and spontaneous.  This was an all-time celebration.  Short and sweet but laugh out loud funny.

It’s Steve’s world, we’re just living in it.  It’s gotta be the mustache.  It looks like velcro, but it’s so perfect.



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