Apparently Girls Love The Dad Body

Odyssey: In case you haven’t noticed lately, girls are all about that dad bod. The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.” It’s not an overweight guy, but it isn’t one with washboard abs, either. The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. (CLICK LINK TO READ FULL ARTICLE)

Wow what a great day.  I knew when I woke up that the NFL Draft was tonight.  I knew my parents were gonna get on my case for “not having a job”.  But I did not know that the world was going to finally accept the dad body, finally embrace the dad body.  It’s nice to finally know that my body won’t intimidate girls.  I’m more than happy to play that role.  “We like to be the pretty one.”  I’m cool with that too.  You want me to not be in shape thus making you look better?  FINE.  “He’s not scared of his cheat meal.”  Nope.  Not me, not even a little bit.  “You know what you’re getting.”  Hit that one right on the head.  Don’t worry, I’ll never have real noticeable abs.

Basically just a big “Fuck You” to all those loser gym rats and meatheads and calorie counters.  It’s all for naught, bro.  Chicks dig the dad body now.  Dad body is the new hot body.  I am on record saying I have an average body type.

The proof is in the pudding!  Things are on the up for your boy.  If anyone wants lessons on how to achieve the perfect dad body, you know who to call.



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