Lots Of People Butt Hurt With This Houston Rockets Tweet Last Night



America has gone soft.  The Rockets got a lot of heat for their tweet within seconds of delivering the harmless blow.  And they deleted it not long after.  If you didn’t think it was funny then, and I hate to say it, you have a big dump in your pants.  That’s funny stuff any way you read it.  I am in no way in support of inhumanely killing animals, in this case horses, but there’s a difference between malevolence and a playful jab.  Everyone is under a microscope nowadays with what they say on the Internet, especially on Twitter.  And yes, a professional organization such as the Houston Rockets should have better taste in what they say.  But this was not even close to crossing the line.  It’s a very clever tweet.  Most people probably don’t even understand what the underlying meaning is.  They just see a gun to a horse’s head and all of a sudden the Houston Rockets are the worst people in the world.  I hate people.

Hey Mavs, next year just be better and don’t suck in the playoffs.


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