Cincinnati Restaurant Issues Apology For Bruce Jenner Inspired Taco Dog

Daily News: A Cincinnati wiener restaurant in hot water for its Bruce Jenner-inspired half-sausage, half-taco dish has apologized after being boiled by critics. “We aren’t bigots or transphobes, we never have been and never will be,” Senate Restaurant wrote on Facebook. “We would never want to hurt anyone for the sake of selling a hotdog.” The Ohio eatery, known for selling gourmet hot dogs named after celebrities, cooked up the controversial “Bruce Jenner 2.0” menu item Friday – the same day the Olympic decathlon champion told the world he’s a woman. “It’s part hot dog, part taco and pure awesomeness,” the restaurant said in its “Dog of the Day” promotion, which has since been pulled off Facebook and its plates.

I, for one, think this is pretty creative.  Whatever puts asses in the seats is good business.  The ENTIRE WORLD is making fun of the guy/girl.  If you can’t appreciate a harmless joke when you see one, you can go kick rocks.  This is funny.  It’s a hot dog and a taco.  It’s a dick and a pussy.  It’s essentially Bruce/Bridget Jenner on a plate.  They’re known for naming meals after celebrities.  They even have one called Una Noche Con Nick Lachey.  Another one is called Trailer Park.  But nobody gets mad at the trailer park dog?  Glass house, people.  Glass house.

Obviously this had no malicious intent behind it.  It was nothing more than a clever gimmick to attract customers.  From a PR standpoint, I understand why you’d feel the need to recant their original message and apologize.  But from the perspective of a retiree who sits on his couch all day, I think they took the easy way out.  No backbones out in Ohio I guess.

Looks pretty good if we’re being honest.



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