Chipotle Delivery Finally Underway But Everyone Needs To Calm Down

Business Insider: Chipotle will now deliver your burrito — for a price. The restaurant chain told investors it has signed a deal with delivery start-up Postmates. Postmates, a service that guarantees delivery of goods within one hour, will now transport Chipotle in the 67 markets where it operates. But Jason Del Rey at Re/code reveals the catch to Chipotle delivery — it’s expensive. “I just tried to order an $8 Chipotle burrito from Postmates and was told it would cost $20 with delivery and service fees,” Del Rey, who is based in New York City, writes.

Chipotle launching a delivery service is one of the most anticipated moves since they raised their guacamole prices for the 18th time.  We get it, avocados are expensive, and people will pay top dollar for the coveted guac.  It’s been a long wait, and now we can finally say the time has come.  Kind of.  For some people.  Not all people.  This is without a doubt great progress and a major step in the right direction, irrefutable evidence that the customer is always right.  Basically if enough people jokingly wine and complain about something, their superiors are going to take advantage of it and charge a hefty premium for it.

But everyone needs to relax for a second.  I can tell you with an abundance of certainty that it’s going to be quite awhile until my local Chipotle location starts to deliver.  I don’t know what it’s gonna take for some of the smaller locations to get the go ahead, but the Freehold, NJ location is not anywhere near ready to start delivering to me in Manalapan.  Only major major cities have implemented the delivery and what looks to be all of California.  Everything in the world operates on Eastern Standard Time so this is the compensation for Cali.  Not only do these locations have be able to run smoothly and generate enough revenue, but they need to be in an area that uses Postmates.  I literally don’t even know what that is.  Sounds like a poor man’s Seamless.  It’s just not cost effective to offer a service like Postmates in this area, and if you believe otherwise you’re delusional.  They thrive in urban areas, highly populated industrial empires, not suburbs.

I’m as big a Chipotle fan as anyone.  I hold their guacamole near and dear to my heart like you read about.  But you’d have to be an idiot to genuinely get excited about this unless you live in a major city.  To get hyped up about this now will only leave you disappointed and looking stupid.  IF Chipotle sticks to this model of only delivering in areas that use Postmates, I will not be able to order chipotle to my house in Manalapan until 2017.

And this is completely different from Taco Bell testing out delivery.  Taco Bell is testing a delivery service, and most likely nowhere near the Mid-Atlantic.  But Taco Bell doesn’t have an agreement with Postmates.  If they want to deliver somewhere, they will.  The only downside is that they’re not going to commence testing until later this year, whereas Chipotle is currently offering delivery in select areas.  Gun to my head if I had to guess which I’ll be able to get first delivered to my house in Manalapan, I’d say Chipotle.  Only reason being is that fast food delivery is completely unchartered territory.  Chipotle is fast-casual, so the business model is profoundly disparate.  Chipotle is way more fit to support deliveries than any fast food chain.

Nobody reads anything anymore.  You all read a headline from an infantile Buzzfeed article that says “Chipotle Now Offering Delivery” and you freak out and group chat your friends to tell them the good news.  Read between the lines, it will do you some good.




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