HammerTime Podcast Ep. 15


This was a real treat honestly.  Joined by two great friends, the newest guest is Josh Yarmush, one of the smartest kids I know.  We get a brief synopsis on “adaptive evolution” and why Americans never win the Boston Marathon.  But I cant honestly say if not for me and some of our other friends at Rutgers, Josh would be a profoundly different person.  First time I met him he was wearing a smiley face yamaka (no idea how to spell that correctly).  Now he’s “lumbersexual”… I don’t know, he tries to explain it. We discuss:

Pacquiao/Mayweather fight

The woman who died just 5 days after becoming the world’s oldest person

Aaron Hernandez getting the book thrown at him

Taco Bell testing delivery

Dennis Quaid’s fabricated freak out


And much more. Not to mention me scoring a 130 on my latest IQ test which qualifies me as “highly superior”.  I’m highly superior now, guys.

Intro song is called Bills by LunchMoney Lewis (shout out to Little B for that one).  And if you don’t know you better ask somebody.


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