Brilliant Marketing Opportunity For The Mets To Probably Not Take Advantage Of


Matt Harvey alone has given Mets fans something to be excited about.  A fan base thirsty for a good team has the Dark Knight to look forward to every 5th game, and I can honestly say it’s awesome.  We’re not even out of April yet, but the Mets have been awesome so far.  There’s no other way to say it.  Although now it seems like the whole team is being plagued with injuries (TWO fractures yesterday), we still have Matt Harvey aka the Dark Knight on the mound once/twice a week.  If the Mets continue to play well, the fans will show up.  And when Matt Harvey pitches, even more fans will show up.

But how sick would it be to see the Mets logo being shined in the sky like the Batman logo?  It can be seen for miles away.  Commuters on their drive home will look up and see that it’s Harvey Day.  The vibe is just different when Harvey is on the mound.  The sun is brighter, flowers smell fresher, grass is greener.  It would be SO easy for the Mets to get one of those big lights and plant it right outside the stadium.  Seeing the Harvey symbol, whether that be the Mets logo or Batman symbol, up in the sky would get me and every other Mets fan all kinds of hyped.  The Mets have a different kind of swagger this year, and they’re off to a great start.  Now it’s time to run with it.

But the Mets won’t do it.  It makes too much sense.

PS – Why is Herm Edwards on set for this?  Poor guy looks like a lost puppy.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t know what baseball even is.




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