Official BEC Review: Union Hill Bagel

2015-04-18 10.41.29-1

Location: Union Hill Bagel, Manalapan, NJ

Otherwise known as “the bagel place next to Wawa”, it’s not a surprise that this place often goes unnoticed.  Why would you drive my 04 Nissan Sentra when you could drive my neighbor’s new Lexus?  It’s a battle they can’t win.  Being linked to Wawa works to their advantage in this case, famous by association.  I’m disappointed to say that’s about all they have going for them.  With yesterday being my first visit there, I was welcomed with a wave of extreme heat.  Granted it was about 75 degrees yesterday, it was just too hot inside that place, no other way to say it.  Also, it didn’t really have that bagel store vibe.  The people that dropped in didn’t seem like regulars, more so passersby than anything else.  I honestly think it would be tough to find someone who has elected Union Hill Bagel as their top bagel store choice.

In regards to the sandwich, it was good.  Not great, not terrible.  The bagel gave me some trouble in terms of scoring the sandwich.  Despite it being a whole wheat everything bagel, you could taste the graininess, and I wasn’t expecting that.  The eggs were a little runny, so I was stoked about that.  Cheese, melted.  Bacon, crispy (as per my request).  I will say that when I ordered the BEC, the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted my eggs fried or scrambled.  On one hand, that’s evidence alone that they’re not famous for their BECs because if they were they would have one way and only one way to make the sandwich.  On the other, more less cynical, side, having the option was nice.  Overall, this place was alright.  The sandwich was a pleasant surprise compared to the ambiance inside.  I doubt I’ll be back there for a bagel, but the BEC passed my inspection.

It’s not the most popular place, and it wasn’t the best sandwich.  But I’m about my breakfast sandwiches, and if you have one, I wanna try it.

Official Score: 6.6 out of 10


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