Note To Self: Do NOT Stumble Onto Dennis Quaid’s Set

It’s always funny to hear people curse than don’t normally curse (professors, actors, little kids, etc).  This one was one of my favorites though.  I’ve never really thought much of this guy but I am completely on board now.  No lie I would go to war for Dennis Quaid, although I prefer to go with him.  Dennis Quaid is absolutely irate, like totally beside himself.  Start to finish, too.  Veins popping out of his neck, face turning beat red, the whole nine.  “Dopey the Dick” was maybe the funniest name-calling incident of all time.  Every single line for that matter was absolute gold.  “I’ve got these fucking zombies over here that I have to look at” and “I’ve got a bunch of pussies staring at me” almost got me on the floor in hysterics, like a real life ROFLing.  Not to mention the cocky, condescending “I am a pro” comment.  One for the ages.  That’s gotta be the go-to for any famous person pissed off at someone beneath you.  So demeaning.  The funniest part is as soon as Quaid takes one step forward, the camera goes to the floor.  “Okay he’s on the move now he’s REALLY angry and I don’t wanna die.”  It quickly became pretty clear that Dennis Quaid, the guy from the fucking Parent Trap, might actually kill someone.

And the “blow me” exit was the cherry on top.  I’m gonna start saying that every time I leave any room ever from now on, a real power move.




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