Jaden Smith Seen Wearing A Dress, Admits He Buys Girls Clothes

People: The 16-year-old actor-rapper stepped out in what appeared to be a women’s black dress paired over denim shorts in Calabasas, California, and also shared photos of his outfits on social media. Smith has been vocal about his sartorial independence. Earlier in the week, he told fans he went to Topshop “to buy some girl clothes, I mean ‘clothes.’ ” Smith has been flexible in fashion for some time, though, introducing gender-neutral tunics and skirts into his 2013 line of clothes for his own label, MSFTSrep.

Anddddd I’m laughing uncontrollably.  I hate this little fucker.  Always thought he was weird, but when I saw him wearing a CamelBak at the Bieber Roast, that set me over the edge.  Gotta blame the parents.  Someone needs to sit Will Smith down and get to the bottom of this.  Both of his kids are straight up WHACKOS.  Do they live on their own?  They have to live on their own.  No way any self-respecting parent can allow their son out of the house wearing a CamelBak one week and a dress the next week.  The only thing I can think of is that Jaden Smith is some confused, revolting teenager trying to find himself so he hates his parents and dresses like an asshole.  Super rich and famous (and awesome) dad, living the high life out in LA, I’m sure his life is real tough.  Fuck outta here with that.  If you could be less weird that would be tremendous for all of us.




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