Can Someone Explain To Jon Heyman That Snitches Get Stitches?

Jesus, Jon, was that really necessary?  Some things are best left unsaid, bro.  Wording is everything.  He’s a writer, he knows that.  Apparently he doesn’t eat his own recipes, if you catch my drift.  Might as well have said what the guy was wearing too.  “Attention everyone (police): there is a man in a yellow shirt and red hat, light complexion, 6’3″, 220 lbs, on the corner of 50th and Lexington offering weed to passersby. It’s not important but I figured I should tweet out his description and exact location.  Just thought everyone (the police) should know”. Snitches get stitches, Jon.  What happens on 50th and Lex STAYS on 50th and Lex.  Had to put the attention back on himself too, right there at the end.  It’s the Jon Heyman show.

Apparently the midtown dank ain’t dank enough for Jon Heyman.


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