The Burger-King Nuptials, Brought To You By Burger King

CNN: Fast-food outlet Burger King will sponsor the wedding of an Illinois couple. Not just any couple — these are the nuptials of Joel Burger and Ashley King. They accepted the restaurant chain’s offer to pay for their July affair on Monday. “We are very appreciative of Burger King and can’t thank them enough for their generosity!” said King. It all started after their engagement in October. The couple had a little fun with the name coincidence and posed by a Burger King restaurant sign for a photo.

The Burger King Burger-King Nuptials!  Who woulda thunk it?  A classic romance story, only difference is this one has a national attention and a serious endorsement.  There’s a decent chance they don’t even like each other, and they’re just tying the knot simply because of the name situation.  What are the odds that Joel Burger was destined to fall for a girl with the last name King?  He probably just made a deal with himself as a youngin that he was gonna wife up the first King girl he met.  Side note, that guy is the most Joel Burger looking guy I’ve ever seen.  There has never been a better name for a more fitting person.  But I don’t think they like each other that much.  It’s all business, and it’s good business.  At this point, they might as well milk it for all its worth.  Their entire wedding is being paid for (hopefully catered too), and the media is all over them to cover this situation.  Gotta tip your cap to these pro schemers.

Event of the year.  You get chicken fries! YOU get chicken fries! Everybody gets chicken fries!


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