Price Is Right Model Screws Up And Gives Contestant A Free Car

The obvious question to ask is whether the contestant is a man or a woman.  Based on the name and the pink watch it’s easy to assume it’s a woman, but that face is straight up FRIGHTENING.  Holy moly.  There appears to be somewhat of a receding hairline to compliment the short, stocky body type pretty nicely.  Yikes.

This was awesome.  As if winning wasn’t easy enough on the Price Is Right, Manuela legitimately gave this “lady” a free car.  They might be super hot but they’re not the brightest bunch of individuals.  It’s not the toughest job, there’s not too many responsibilities to cover.  Besides maintaining a hot body, they have to just walk in a circle from one side of the prize to the other.  As long as they’re not giving away prizes, they’re doing their job.  She literally did the only thing she’s not supposed to do.  Quite possibly the most anticlimactic victory of all time, a win is a win, and a free car is a free car.  It doesn’t matter if you raced for pinks or if the TV model fucked up and handed you the keys.  I didn’t watch the full episode unfortunately (retirement has much more to offer than daytime television), but there’s no way Andrea didn’t spin $1.00 on the big wheel and won the showcase.  When something like this happens, all the luck in the world is on your side.

The Price Is Right just isn’t the same anymore.  Announcers are getting face time and making a fool out of themselves, they have MALE MODELS to completely compromise the point of having models in the first place, the female models are dumb as rocks and handing out cars like candy, and for the coup de grâce, Drew Carey could never fill Bob Barker’s shoes.  Nobody could, and Drew Carey has done a decent job, but there will never be another Bob Barker.  What a shame.  It’s a sad time for Price Is Right fans like myself.  The show’s credibility is down the toilet right now, the quality is lacking, and this may be the beginning of the end for an all-time classic game show.  Maybe it would have been better to go out on top, just like Bob Barker did.  What a legend.


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