Cubs Off To A Great Start Except Not Having A Finished Stadium Resulting In Hour Long Bathroom Lines

The Cubs kicked off the MLB season with a piss poor effort on the field to supplement the ongoing disaster that is the Wrigley Field renovation.  I don’t know if they just fell behind schedule or if it was expected for this to happen all along, but it’s already a problem.  I’m no expert, but if you’re gonna rebuild your stadium, it would be wise to have it ready for Opening Day.  The bleachers did look nice with the historic photos covering the construction in the seats, but things are just not off to a great start for the Cubbies.  No team had a more exciting offseason than the Cubs, arguably, and it’s only game one, but they stunk last night.  But the team will figure it out on the field, and I expect them to compete in a tight pennant race come September/October.

But with all the construction going on throughout Wrigley, the result was an hour long wait for the bathrooms last night.  Could you imagine?  Over-intoxication due to the excitement of Opening Day in a season with legitimate hope, coupled with the frustration of a lack luster performance on the diamond, waiting on line for the bathroom for an HOUR is some kind of bullshit.  There’s not many things worse than having to go to the bathroom but being forced to wait for whatever reason.  And waiting on the line for the bathroom makes things so much worse because you’re just a few feet away.  What a tease.  There’s finally a competitive product on the field, and now you gotta miss two innings while borderline pissing your pants.  No thanks, I’ll just piss my pants instead.

These fans had the right idea:


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