It’s Time For The Mets To Get To Work

The time has come again.  Baseball is back in action, and it’s time for the Mets to get to work.  It’s been a busy offseason with ups and downs, but the bottom line is it’s put up or shut up for the boys in Queens.  For years we’ve been in “rebuild” mode.  There were holes to fill and mistakes to correct.  The pieces are in place TODAY to compete.  This team is far from perfect, but they are ready to compete and to be taken seriously for once.  The idea of playing meaningful baseball in September is more plausible now than it has been in years.  October, Playoff baseball is entirely possible and I expect this team to be there.  Matt Harvey is back with a vengeance.  Jacob DeGrom is ready to prove he’s not a fluke.  David Wright has taken on the leadership role with a chip on his shoulder, and he’s ready to get back to his all-star caliber ways.  Murphy is in a contract year, Duda is coming off a big year, and Lagares is a superstar in the making.  A lot of the puzzle pieces are there.

To say the Mets have gone through a rough patch is an understatement and then some.  But that’s all irrelevant now.  What is relevant is that this team has the mentality that they’re legitimate.  The self-loathing is no more.  The entire organization top to bottom is on board and ready to win.  We haven’t seen this type of swagger from the Mets in almost ten years.  The time is now.  The Mets will win 88 games and make the playoffs, you can take that to the bank.

God damnit I’m excited to see Harvey pitch.




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