Girl Refuses To Accept Duke’s Rejection Letter And Writes Back With Her Acceptance

Bravo.  Seriously, great stuff.  A tip of the cap to you, Siobhan.  All these top schools act so high and mighty all the time, it’s refreshing to see someone stand their ground and refuse to take shit from them.  Nobody likes Duke anyway.  This is sort of like one of those “you can’t fire me, I quit!” situations.  Except she’s not quitting, she’s just disregarding her being fired.  It’s a ballsy move to call out a university admissions office, especially that of Duke.  It’s arguably the best non-Ivy League school in the country; they specialize in white basketball players, ugly girls, and emotionless rejection letters.  Sio wasn’t having it.  Laugh out loud funny though, for real.  “Unable to accept your refusal” is such a mind fuck I can’t totally grasp it.  It’s like a triple negative.  And then to end with telling them that she will be attending classes is such a power move.  It’s such a good move that Duke has no choice but to accept her at this point.

I know how she feels.  I got rejected from Lehigh, and I specifically remember the rejection letter stating “we regret to inform you…”.  Meanwhile I knew they didn’t regret it.  Was the admissions counselor at Lehigh going to lose sleep because they deemed me not up to standards?  Were they going to sit at a red light on their way home for a few extra seconds because they couldn’t get my rejection out of their mind?  No.  They were ruthless in their actions.  They didn’t regret it.  If they regretted it so much, they wouldn’t have made that decision in the first place or they would have sent me a follow up letter explaining that they made a mistake.

Word on the street is that Duke replied to her rejection rejection saying she can appeal the decision but it would be very rare for the ruling to be overturned.  And I think she’s going to USC.  But let’s pretend this isn’t true and Duke is going to now accept her because that’s how this story should end.




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