Let’s Remember The Time When I Brought Back The Jean Jacket Trend


I got a lot of heat for asking everyone what they thought about my potential jean jacket purchase.  That didn’t surprise me.  People tend to become skeptics when it’s something they’re unfamiliar with.  And to be honest, most of the people who were opposed to be getting it were expected to say no.  Most of them probably just don’t understand style or have style for that matter.  Some of them probably said no because they were mad they didn’t think of it first.  I can’t think of any other reasons why someone would suggest I continue my life without the jean jacket.  Maybe they’re jealous of my style, I don’t know.

But I bought the jacket.  It’s here.  It looks awesome.  I wore it out on Saturday night, everybody loved it.  I got nothing but compliments the moment I met up with my friends.  It’s one of those things were at the end of the night, you get another glimpse of the jacket and it still looks good, maybe even better than before the night started.  The game has been changed.  Jean jackets are officially back, thanks to the initiative I took in stepping outside of the box on behalf of everyone.

The reaction to my jean jacket was a mirror image of how Billy Madison’s JJ* was received.  Except everyone loved mine.

*JJ is a street term for jean jacket


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