Just Your Classic Story Of Breaking Into Someone’s House And Leaving Your Facebook Open On Their Computer


Miami Herald: A teen wanted for breaking into a Keys home left behind a clue that made it pretty easy for cops to make a bust: He left himself signed on to his Facebook account. The Plantation Key homeowner told deputies that he left his home unlocked Wednesday on an outing with his wife — and doesn’t even have a house key. When he returned, he found evidence of a break-in: Someone had eaten a Pop Tart, downed a soda, and messed with his iPad and computer.

“He said the computer’s browser history showed many visits to pornography sites and to YouTube while he had been gone from the house,” Monroe sheriff’s spokeswoman Becky Herrin said. “An iPad had been moved, and someone had charged it. The iPad was still logged in to the Facebook page of a 16 year-old-boy.”

There’s two real stories here.  One is this guy leaving his house unlocked.  Back to basics for a second, the reason for a lock on a door is to prevent outsiders from coming inside.  An unlocked door is basically an invitation for someone to come inside. It’s not a B&E because he didn’t break in; it’s just an E due to the fact that the door was open and he simply entered.  Two is the fact that this kid ate ONE Pop Tart.  That is a totally foreign concept to me.  Could they mean one as in one box?  That makes a lot more sense.  One single Pop Tart is as insane as it gets.

I don’t see a real reason to call the cops here.  Nothing was stolen or damaged.  The kid ate one Pop Tart (had enough decency to not eat an entire package so the rightful owner can still halfway enjoy it), drank one soda (old people don’t like drinking soda anyway), and used the iPad to jerk it and check his Facebook.  Sounds like a typical day for a 16 year old.  He just happened to have done so in someone else’s unlocked home.  Pretty harmless.

At 16, you have to know about clearing browser history on a computer.  That’s part of the routine with watching porn.  The deed isn’t done until you cover your tracks and delete any trace of porn on the computer.  The last thing you want is for someone to search for YouTube and end up with YouJizz.  Classic mistake.



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