Doesn’t Get Much Unluckier Than Pocket Dialing The Cops Mid Robbery


NBC NY:  Authorities in Minnesota say three would-be burglars picked the wrong time to pocket-dial 911. Blue Earth Sheriff’s Capt. Rich Murry says a dispatcher took the call early Thursday morning and heard two voices on the other end. Murry says what she could hear of the conversation suggested the men were involved in a theft or burglary. Murry says officers were able to use the 34-minute call to figure out where the men were. They arrested them and a third suspect. He says one of the last things heard on the unintentional 911 call was, “I think I see the police,” followed by sounds of running.

It doesn’t get any unluckier than this.  It’s hysterical, yes.  But ya gotta feel for the guy.  We’ve all sent texts to the wrong person or butt dialed someone, this is just the most unfortunate happening of it.  I feel for them, I really do.  It seems like they might have gotten away had it not been for this accidental call.  Big time bummer.  It’s like “yeah we robbed that store good, but I was accidentally on the phone with the cops the whole time so that kinda put a damper on things”.  Nothing like a good old pocket dial to ruin a good robbery.

I envision the cops driving towards the scene of the crime just blasting music and laughing like hyenas because it was about to be the easiest bust ever.  Windows down, head out the window, the whole sha-bang.





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