HammerTime Podcast Ep. 14

With the help of a double dosage of Brandon’s and newcomer Akhil, we made up for lost time with three weeks worth of material.  Not only did he provide diversity, but Akhil also brought the noise with some insight and even a few jokes.  We tackled the opening weekend of March Madness including the UNF Band Dancer, the kid on Dayton who somehow got pantsed, the Georgia State coach falling off his chair, the girl on Villanova crying playing the flute, and some basketball as well.  Gratz takes the reigns on Suge Knight collapsing in court.  Where do we all stand on the case of the Applebee’s fajitas lawsuit.  And we couldn’t forget about the girl who got “wham sauced” at the track meet, an early contender for funniest video of 2015.

Also, we got an inside scoop on the moral code in the streets of India.  600 students were expelled when their parents were helping them cheat on exams, so Akhil gets a chance to defend his homeland.  And it wouldn’t have been a conversation with Akhil without some Indian accents and Slumdog Millionaire references.  Never not funny.

PS – Go check out Gratzfeed.com. The man has entered the blog life and it was a great move.

Great opening moment here





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