The Real Problem With College Basketball

It’s not the fact that these kids play for a year then leave for the NBA.  It’s not the lost art of the mid range jumper.  It’s not the lack of skill from the foul line (although that is a god damn epidemic, holy moly these guys are bad).  The biggest problem with college basketball is teams being down one possession with a few seconds left and instead of inbounding and putting up a half court shot, they throw the ball the length of the floor, most of the time right to the other team.  I’ll paint the picture for you.  Down by 3, with 1 second left, inbounding the ball under their own basket.  There’s obviously not enough time to dribble up the court for a good shot.  It’s pretty much a catch and shoot situation.  The smart play is to give the ball to someone around mid-court and have them heave up a half court shot.  The odds of someone being open at half court are pretty high.

But no.  These coaches draw up the dumbest plays with double screens on the other side of the court.  Guy will just throw the ball across the whole court in an attempt to reach a teammate much closer to the basket.  And it literally never works.  All the defense has to do is touch the ball and the clock is gonna run out.  That Christian Laettner play was a fluke and a half.  The bottom line is you need to give yourself a CHANCE to tie/win the game.  You need to get a shot off.  Whether it’s a layup or a full court prayer is irrelevant because not getting a shot off gives you about a 0.00% chance of scoring.  Villanova was down 3 last night and instead of creating a legitimate chance at tying the game (one guy was WIDE open at mid-court), they threw the ball all the way down court and by doing so threw the game away.  They’re just beating themselves, and they continue to do so.  Shit gets me heated man.



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