A+ Bench Reaction

Contrary to popular belief, being a bench player has plenty of perks.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve spent many years riding the pine pony.  I was literally named Bench Captain my senior year on varsity soccer.  I could make the argument that it was better than playing.  If you’re on the right team, you can enjoy all the glory without actually doing anything.  If the team wins a championship, you still get a ring, and you can still tell people you’re on the team.  Reaping benefits from other people’s work is what life is all about nowadays anyway.  With very little expectations of getting field time, you find other responsibilities to take on.  Basketball is no difference.

When there’s a big dunk or someone hits a clutch shot, there’s always a few things to look out for.  One guy usually stands up and waves his towel in the air.  There’s usually someone doing some crazy celebration, like Bench Hall of Famer Peter Dill from Seton Hall.  But for as long as I can remember, the role I’d want to play is the guy who keeps everyone back, off the court.  You gotta get low to the ground, legs wide apart, arms out to the side, holding back the teammates from getting on the court.  There’s always one.  I would want to be that one.  Once in a while when I’m watching a game at home, I’ll stand up off the couch and do it like I’m in game situation.  There could be nobody there, and I’ll still hold everyone back that’s not even there.

This guy on the NC State staff takes things to a new level.  He’s not even a player!  But he recognized that there was nobody on the sideline holding down the fort and keeping everyone in their place.  Real recognizes real.  Warmups, suit and tie, it doesn’t matter.  Probably wearing a Superman cape under that suit.  This was the game winner, under a second left.  The game was essentially over, so long that the Wolfpack didn’t endure a technical on that celebration.  Thank god for this guy.  Emotionless, just another day at the office.  This was his time.  He might as well have hit the game winning shot himself.  A+.



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