On The Eve Of The Best Day Of The Year


Better than your birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc.  Tomorrow is THE best day of the year, assuming you’re a fan of sports and/or fun.  11 1/2 months of waiting has thankfully come to an end.  Food is suddenly more tasteful.  Colors seem brighter.  March Madness is good for the soul!  Bad for the blood pressure, good for the soul.  Selection Sunday was just a taste of what’s to come, sort of a brief tickle of the balls, if you will.  From noon tomorrow until late Sunday night, I will be cemented on the couch.  My eyes will glaze over before you get me off the couch.  The madness is not overhyped, it is real, and it is everywhere.  March Madness brings out a different kind of animal in me and many others.  Either join in on the chaos or kindly step aside.  Can’t wait to see these two people on Twitter tomorrow:

  • The guy who tweets about getting the first game right, and how he’s gonna win the $1 Billion.  (Ex. “1/1! Perfect bracket here I come!”)
  • The guy who tweets about getting his first game wrong, and how he can’t win the $1 Billion.  (Ex. “Damn you ‘insert team here’ now I can’t win the billion!”)
  • The guy who’s champion get eliminated and tweets about his bracket being busted.  (Ex. “Thanks a lot ‘insert team here’! #BracketBusted)
  • Not Twitter related, but don’t be the guy who picks all #1 seeds but tries to defend the picks with idiot logic.  (Ex. “I really think these four teams are the best, that’s the only reason I took all top seeds!”)

The goal is to still be alive in my pool on Monday morning.  It just doesn’t seem to happen anymore.  Something always seems to go wrong within a few hours.  Every year I’m confident in my picks and don’t come close to winning.  I literally hate my bracket this time, so fingers crossed that this acts as some kind of reverse jinx situation.  It’s the best day of the year to kick off the best weekend of the year.  I literally could have not retired at a better time.  I truly pity anyone with full time jobs and real responsibilities.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the perfect bracket (even though I’m pretty sure that billion dollar contest doesn’t exist anymore).


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