Guy Spraypaints Himself Black As Camouflage From Police, Gets Arrested Anyway

ABC News: A California man spray painted his face black “in an effort to camouflage himself” and evade police, a Madera Police Department spokesman told ABC News today. But the “camouflage was ineffective,” the spokesman said. Espinoza fled the first time police arrived at his house, but he was successfully apprehended when he later returned to his home and was allegedly seen with black spray paint on his face, the spokesman said.

This is just your classic “guy wants to hide from the police so he sloppily paints his face black to act as camouflage but then he ended up going home where the police were waiting for him” story to start off the week.  While the rest of America was out partying with their friends, drinking, watching sports, this guy elected for some arts and crafts combined with cops and robbers.  You run from the cops and hide somewhere dark with black paint all over your face expecting the popo to look for you and then call it quits when they can’t find you (see: camouflage), but then right when you think you outsmarted them you go back home where the cops were waiting for you all along, and now you just look like a stupid mess.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  I hate when that happens.  Classic mixup.

PS – Not sure now is the right time to pick black as the color of choice for avoiding law enforcement, just saying.



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