Darren Rovell Is Too Cool To Fill Out A Bracket

Darren Rovell is somewhat notorious for his “try hard” antics on Twitter.  He’s pretty much as cheesy as they come, and he just tweets the dumbest things.  I don’t follow him because if I did then that would be a win for him.  And this tweet is a perfect reason why.  If you have to tell everyone that you haven’t filled out a bracket for 8 straight years, then that’s just the biggest loser move I’ve ever seen.  Classic Rovell.  That’s asking for attention like you read about.  I’m all for opposing the status quo and doing things differently, but bragging about it totally eviscerates the point of abstaining in the first place.

My theory is that he doesn’t know enough about college basketball to fill out a bracket.  The guy knows he won’t win, so he saves himself the embarrassment and categorizes his withholding of filling out a bracket as a moral victory.  It’s a bitch move. I picture him spending most of his time writing out what he thinks will be funny tweets on a napkin with one of those pens that can be any of 4 colors.  Different colors for every tweet.  And every time he thinks of one he smiles and giggles to himself while he scribbles away planning his next tweet for which he’ll undoubtedly be made fun of.



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