Apparently Madonna Dated Tupac And I Could Not Care Less

Complex: Madonna stopped by Howard Stern’s show earlier this week, where she sat down for an extremely in-depth interview all in promotion of her album. During the hour-long conversation, she confirmed the little known fact that she secretly dated Tupac Shakur back in the ’90s and that she felt “very gangsta” during that time. Madonna thought that the news of her and Pac’s relationship was public, but by all accounts, most people were unaware of it.

Nothing like some breaking news from 20 years ago on a Thursday afternoon!  Do people seriously care about this?  I’m on record not being a Madonna fan, but wasn’t she a huge whore in the 90’s?  Didn’t she “date” just about everyone?  I don’t know, I just hardly consider this news.  I know Madonna “changed music”, but frankly I don’t understand why she’s still tolerated.  She’s a washed up, weird performer, and I think rather than trying to stay relevant she should just sit home and collect royalties.  Nobody would fault her for that.  People say Lady Gaga is the modern day Madonna, and I don’t like her either.  I’m all for being odd and crossing the line of the norm to an extent, but the two of them just don’t do it for me.  Let’s not forget that this broad also dated DENNIS RODMAN.

In conclusion, Madonna dating Tupac twenty years ago is not important.

PS – Picturing Madonna saying she felt “very gangsta” is cringeworthy and confirms all of my feeling about her being too weird for my liking.




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