Today We Say Goodbye To An Unsung Hero

TMZ: Windell D. Middlebrooks — the actor best known for playing the straight-talking Miller High Life delivery man — died suddenly at his home … TMZ has learned. Sources close to Middlebrooks tell us he was found unconscious at home in the San Fernando Valley Monday morning — and was transported by ambulance to a hospital … where he was pronounced dead. 

We could sit here and say we didn’t care or we didn’t even know who he was, but we’d be lying to ourselves.  I speak for everyone when I say it was near impossible not to get happy when this guy and his belly appeared on my TV yelling and screaming about Miller High Life.  Beer commercials make people happy.  And the Miller High Life guy brought a jubilance to the beer commercial industry that we haven’t seen before.  We lost a good one this week, people.  Next time you’re face first in a case of Miller High life, pour some out for the big guy, will ya?



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