Revis Returns To The Jets


He’s back!  Revis Island has returned home to Gang Green!  What a day!  So much NFL action going on in the past day or so, and this tops it all.  We still have an owner nobody likes and an incompetent quarterback at the helm, but who cares?!  Revis is back.  Does it matter that he left and eventually won a championship with our rivals up in New England only to return back now, kind of like what LeBron did?  Not in the least.  What a day for the Jets.  Lots of exclamation points and smiles from me today.  Still plenty of work to do, but let’s not forget how integral a role Darrelle Revis played in the Jets’ success.

PS – I wrote this hours ago thank god I didn’t jinx it.  I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.



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