North Florida Freshman Murders The Dance Floor Minutes Before Basketball Team Dances For The First Time


So what you’re saying is that in this guy’s first year in the band, the basketball team made it to the big dance for the first time?  And you want me to believe that’s a coincidence?  HA!  Not even a little bit.  With their first NCAA Tourney bid imminent, Stephen Putnam took the nation by storm in honor is his beloved UNF Ospreys.  March Madness is in the air!  There’s no other way to explain it.  You don’t see moves like this in November and December.  You don’t even see moves like this once conference play really picks up with March on the horizon.  This is what March is all about!  Dance moves that resemble a severe case of epilepsy succeeded by a water bottle bath and national fame?  Are you not entertained?!

If you remember the game College Hoops 2K8, which you should, UNF was one of the teams you could begin your legacy with.  Basically  you get to pick from 20 or so horrendous teams, and you had to build them from nothing to national powerhouses.  The North Florida Ospreys are my squad.  So watching them win the A-Sun title yesterday and dance into March Madness was an emotional moment for me.  I would imagine this is how my parents felt when they watched my brother and I graduate from college.  Only difference here is I thought this would never happen.  Despite my parents’ doubts about us for their own biased/questionable reasons, in addition to my astounding inability to pass a class with ease, it was ultimately never a doubt. The fact that my Osprey’s are dancing is unbelievable and inspiring.  They could be this year’s Dunk City.  America needs a team to fall in love with, these guys could very well fill that void.  Anything’s possible!

But to get back to my point, those dance moves were electric.  You can’t teach those type of moves.  The basketball coach already said this kid will be side by side with them at the selection show.  Looking forward to Stephen and the Osprey’s embracing their inevitable 16 seed and first round matchup against Kentucky.  Should be fun.

PS – This kid vs. the girl from UVA would be the greatest dance-off of all time.  You Got Served final battle and American Wedding gay bar scene can’t even hold a candle to these two. Five alarm fire flames.



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