This Guy On Twitter Is Just The Worst


I don’t know which guy I hate more.  For years I haven’t liked Schefter.  I don’t like the way he talks, always sounds like he’s got half his mouth closed, and it just bothers me.  I also don’t like when he’s live on SportsCenter and just ignores what’s going on to check his phone, LIVE on the air.  Be professional for me, one time.  In this case, it’s just a stupid “these guys looks alike so I’m gonna put them side by side because all of my minion followers will think I’m funny” tweets.  It’s an attention tweet, which I absolutely despise.

But here comes RegularGuy to save the day and crack the code!  Classic RegularGuy.  He probably thought Schefty was actually confused or quizzing everyone.  He probably thought Schefter was gonna think he was so cool and smart for answering this question right.  Hate these guys.  Always gotta take everything so literally.  They have no idea how Twitter works.  RegularGuy sucks.

PS – These guys look NOTHING alike.




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