ICYMI: Late Night Gun Show At Washington State Game

While many of you slept, this girl was hard at work giving America free admission to the gun show, live from the Utah at Washington State basketball game.  WSU had a lead the entire second half, and when things went south, somebody had to step up to the plate to show Utah they weren’t going down without a fight.  It’s one thing to flash the guns for everyone.  To then kiss both muscles is a savvy move.  And then the subtle yet powerful “Boom!…Boom!” move was straight up cocky!  And I love it!  I need more I need more!  When my team blows a big lead I sink down low in my chair so nobody can see me.  I act like I’m not even there, and this girl is acting like she’s what everyone paid to come see.  That’s the difference between us two, she hasn’t live through two decades of misery and disappointment.  So young!  So naive!



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