A Clip Of Jeff Wilpon Predicting The Mets Future In 2006

Yesterday on Mets Classics they were airing the game when the Mets clinched the NL East in 2006, a truly great moment for Mets fans.  Cliff Floyd catches the fly ball to left and the party begins.  It was the first time the Mets won the division since 1988, snapping the Braves streak of 11 straight years (I cannot even fathom that).  This was a GREAT baseball team, the best Mets team I can remember.  David Wright and Jose Reyes were still on the rise, Carlos Delgado, Cliff Floyd, Paul Lo Duca, Jose Valentin, Shawn Green, what a squad.  This team could have and should have won it all, but let’s not dive into that.

Watching the post game celebrations was straight up torture.  I haven’t even smelled the post-season in years.  This stupid reporter alludes that winning the division in 06 could be the start of many good years to come.  And who else than this rat looking motherfucker Jeff Wilpon to take a question like that.  “We hope so, we’re gonna do our best to keep it going.”  Fuck that guy.  I’ve never seen such a frugal, incompetent asshole occupy a position of such power.  If this team wins a world series this year this clown has zero to do with it.  That face is so punchable it hurts.  He’s right up there on my Most Hated list with Pink.  I think I hate this guy more once baseball season comes around because he’s the reason for basically all my stress from April-October.


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