Bob Barker And Adam Sandler Reunite For Happy Gilmore Fight Spin-Off And It’s Gold


Whenever we hear or see something that serves as evidence that Bob Barker hasn’t keeled over yet, it’s a good day.  And to see Bob with Adam Sandler to reminisce of the Happy Gilmore days is as good as it gets for me.  Real nostalgic. What a legendary duo, it’s a shame they haven’t done anything like this sooner.  Considering we haven’t seen Adam Sandler do anything funny in a long time, this was refreshing.  He didn’t try to be funny like in his shitty movies, he was just shooting the shit with Bob Barker, just like old times.  A couple jokes being dished back and forth was all this video needed.  And how about a Chubbs cameo? Perfect.  Not to mention Abe Lincoln and the Alligator. If you don’t understand that I can’t really help you.

Just for the record, if I had to have someone’s bedpan dumped on me, it’s Bob Barker’s no questions asked.  I would straight up kill for that man.

PS – Adam Sandler looks AWFUL. He ages worse than anyone I’ve seen recently, except Chevy Chase holy moly.

Shout out to Chris for the link.



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