David Wright Confronting Noah Syndergaard Is A Complete Non Story

CBS New YorkDavid Wright might be a laid-back captain, but he’s in no mood for nonsense this spring. And he showed that on Tuesday. According to Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, Wright was very upset with top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard on Tuesday when the latter was eating lunch in the Mets’ clubhouse during the team’s intrasquad game. Syndergaard didn’t participate in the game. When Wright spotted Syndergaard, the third baseman quietly said “bench” to the 22-year-old, according to the newspaper. The minor leaguer got the message. After Wright laid down the law, the 6-foot-6 right-hander went to the dugout and watched the remainder of the game. “It was a miscommunication,” Syndergaard said.

This made headline news yesterday, and the only reason that’s so is because there’s not much else to talk about.  It’s a classic rookie mistake and nothing more.  Every team has issues with newcomers and rookies transitioning into their organization.  In this case, the pitchers operate on a similar schedule every day.  They have morning workouts, eat lunch, hit the weight room, and go home for the day.  Noah wasn’t pitching so he stuck to his routine.  It was a basic lapse of judgement and a MINOR mistake.  From what I’ve read, David Wright didn’t yell at him or anything like that.  Seems like it was a basic captain-to-rookie talk, and DW was absolutely in the right to confront Syndergaard.  It’s great to see Wright kicking his captainship role up a notch.  He’s the leader and veteran presence a young team like this needs, and I’m sure Syndergaard appreciates the lesson he learned yesterday.  I’m telling you there’s something different with this team this year.  Everyone within the organization seems to be all in on the belief that this team is good enough to contend, an intangible that we haven’t seen in Queens for a long time.

The real problem the Mets have is with Daniel Murphy right now. Hates gay people. If you want to hate gay people, the New York market is not the place to make your opinions public.



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