Referee Can’t Make Up His Mind, Doesn’t Know Which Way Is Up

One of the strangest things I’ve seen in a while. Dude goes back and worth like a hundred times, totally indecisive. It looks like he doesn’t know which team is going which way, and you could even argue he doesn’t even know where he is. An absolute mystery. College basketball takes a heavy toll on a lot of guys this time of year. Every game is more and more important, making the calls within the games even more impacting. We got referees cramping up mid fast-break, acting like they got shot from the cheap seats, and now they’re becoming totally confused pointing every which way, physically and literally incapable of making a call at a moment’s notice.

Guy second from the right on the bench goes through a roller coaster of emotions watching this poor guy’s Alzheimer’s come to light. Anger, relief, shock, confusion, helplessness, the list continues. Brain went to mush in a matter of seconds.

They’re falling apart right before our eyes. And right in the thick of things as March Madness is on the horizon. Thoughts and prayers for them.



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