HammerTime Podcast Ep. 13


Lucky number thirteen! It’s been a few weeks but well worth the wait. A ton of topics with an all-star lineup, including the emergence of young TJ Barber aka Football Tommy, one of Manalapan’s finest. He’s been anticipating this debut from day one, it was only right to give him a chance to put his money where is mouth is. And a job well done, even if he was recording from the saddest looking dorm room I’ve ever seen. Also, his description of crab rangoon (whatever the FUCK that its) is one for the ages and a must see.

Afroman was an obvious topic of discussion as he’s surprisingly alive and back on the scene in a big way. The Amber Rose/Kanye feud was finally explained to me. It was agreed that Waka Flocka reading 50 Shades of Grey was as awesome as awesome gets. We graded the UVA Dance Cam Girl, obviously 10’s across the board. Each our takes on locker room etiquette, and I went against my word and discussed the dress that went viral. And much more.

Three weeks felt like forever, but it’s good to be back!

PS – If you like the fire ‘Sports!!!’ shirt I was wearing, I’d be happy to share my secrets with you.



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